Iain (ummacnai) wrote,


There's been a spate of Micheal Vick and stories about people nothing like Micheal Vick on my F-list lately, so I'll mention this.

Milt Stegall, #85, Receiver for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League, just broke the CFL career touchdown total by posting his 138th and 139th last Friday, passing George Reed and Mike Pringle who were tied at 137.

Milt is your prototypical good guy: clean living, clean speaking, insanely adorable 2 year old (though mine's still cuter), and has no interest in the record, only wanting to talk about winning the Grey Cup, the league championship. Chose not to retire last year to come back for his 13th season to chase that elusive championship, which he has only played for once. His entire CFL career has been with the Bombers, playing in the early 90's for the Bengals. What is really scary is he seems to keep getting better.

So that's the Canadian feel-good story.

Edit: Oh, yah, I forgot. He's also the prettiest man in the world. I didn't actually say he was MODEST.
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