Iain (ummacnai) wrote,

Thoughts on a PPV *spoiler for wrestling results*

So, we got Summerslam tonight. Can't really afford it, but it looks like a good PPV.

I generally enjoyed it. Shocked at the shortness of the ECW title match, but clearly they're setting other stuff up. Lots of amusing or impressive moments. The two Heavyweight title matches going about the way you'd expect (presuming you know anything about the business right now). The two main events were pretty good. Batista v. Cena had lots of close falls, good psychology.

Edge v. Undertaker, Hell in the Cell. I'm getting tired as it starts, get a cup of coffee, get a paper to flick to when they're in a rest mode after doing something silly. Ultra-violence that's no surprise for this kind of match, with multiple kickouts on moves that would finish any other match. Brief eyebrow-raising for a moment as a piece of paper gets stuck to the cut in 'Taker's forearm.

Crowd's kind of dead for most of the match. They're waiting to see how they're going to try to top the Foley swandive from the 2nd HitC match. They never go to the top of the cage; I can hardly blame them, it's been done. Reality is that this is a hell of a match, and these two really put themselves through the ringer.

Taker finishes the match with a series of 'poetic justice' moves. Edge stirs before Taker gets all the way out of the arena... so Taker goes back. Ah, he's going to get real revenge, and probably do the 'image defining' move of this match. He sets Edge up halfway up a ladder. Climbs up... tells him he's sending him to hell... chokeslams him off the ladder, and Edge goes *through* the ring. Wow... but kind of a weak chokeslam, and we've seen the 'through the ring' bit before... and...


Well. That woke me up. Flames come shooting out of the hole in the mat that Edge went through. Clearly, Edge has now gone to hell.

Taker v. Edge, Wrestelmania, Taker's retirement. This I put money on.
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